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and the Bleeding Hearts

With Special Guest


SAT, June 22ND
All Ages: Bring the whole family!

Doors Open: 4 PM
Wes Urbaniak: 6 PM
Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts: 7:30 PM

Come early and enjoy a fantastic lineup of musicians, food trucks, wood-fired pizza, refreshing drinks, and fun yard games! This is a night you won't want to miss.  Spread the word and bring your friends!! 

Our awards ceremony for the Pay Love Forward Wellness Challenge and Grizzly Goat Obstacle Course Race will take place at 4:30pm. The awards ceremony will be open to the public and feature food trucks, the 406 brick oven pizza, tables from local nonprofits, and much more family friendly fun.

Parker Brown image.jpg

About Parker Brown and the Bleed Hearts

Specializing in double bass, electric bass and guitar, Parker Brown is a private instructor, songwriter, freelance and studio musician.


At his private studio he manages a full studio of bassists and guitarists with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced and is currently on tour playing pedal steel, guitar, banjo, and harmonica with the band Satsang.

As a freelance upright bassist, Parker has performed in notable shows with jazz musicians Jeff Hamilton, Ronnie Bedford, Jack Walrath, John Stowell, John Harbaugh, Nick Mancini and worked with arrangers/composers Eric Richards and Mike Tomaro.

As a studio musician Parker has recorded bass and guitar on over twenty albums and is currently promoting the release of his EP If I Could Make Time Stand Still, and his full length album Mixed Tape; both released in 2022.


Listen to Parker Brown

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About Wes Urbaniak

"Eventually, all of the strangeness becomes eerily fond of its rotation around its source.  I feel the same as I have since I remember being at all.  Only now, I have tool attachments connected to my foundation that are the consequence of trying, failing, and learning.  Still, behind it all, the same toe-headed tell-me-nothing let-me-be boy still kicks wild…

The first time I ever saw a guitar, I was overwhelmed with a sickness like I had never known.  I needed it.  I had to have it.  What do four-year-olds know, though?  Yeah, four-year-olds know things, especially when they hit like that.  My dad worked trash for the town a couple days a week, and someone had thrown out two short scale Stratocaster style electric guitars – red and blue.  There were things in my home that I was afraid of, but nothing caused more fear than not being able to play one." — Wes Urbaniak

Listen to Wes Urbaniak



Entrance is on North 14th Street.
Street Parking Only. 
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